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"We believe that privacy should be a right and not something that you as a user have to pay for or look for in different services. Privacy should always come at no extra cost, but with many additional benefits."

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A new era of data privacy - by Til Jordan with GPT-3 assistance

July 30, 2021

Southampton students invent 'cookie cutter' to streamline web experience

April 26, 2021

Stardust launches time saving ‘Cookie Cutter‘

March 31, 2021

Cookie Cutter Beta analysis report

About us

  • Picture of Andrius Matšenas
  • Andrius Matšenas

    CEO |

    Background: Mathematics, Startups, Data science,
    Mathematical modelling, Design

  • Picture of Til Jordan
  • Til Jordan

    CTO |

    Background: Computer Science, Software development,
    Cloud computing, Machine learning

Our mission is to start a people-led movement for a world where we have full control and overview over our personal data while being able to use the internet in the simplest and most convenient way. The Cookie Cutter is the first demonstration of so-called "people-centric data handling" that aligns with our promoted values - it increases convenience on the web, it empowers the end user with more control, it raises awareness on the extent of data collection, and all this without sacrificing on security, in reality even strengthening it.

If you’ve read this far and would like to contribute to the movement with your knowledge or connections then you’re welcome to get in contact with us via email or LinkedIn . And if you’d like to support us financially then please find the options below, this is currently our only source of income as the Cookie Cutter is available for free.


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